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Zoning Permit
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Description: A zoning permit ensures that the present or a proposed use of a specific property does or will comply with the Village's zoning ordinance.  Section 100-15 of the zoning code describes the requirements and procedures for reviewing a zoning permit. Zoning permits are customarily issued in conjunction with a  current or proposed use, sometimes known independently as a “zoning verification letter” or  also can be included as part of a building permit application submittal, to ensure compliance with zoning standards.

Decision-maker(s): Zoning Administrator

Application fee:
  • Accessory building: $60
  • Multi-family (3 or more units): $250 plus $10 per unit up to a maximum of $750
  • Single-family and two-family: $250
Submittal deadline: This application can be submitted anytime; it is reviewed by staff without a public review.