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Certified Survey Map (CSM)
Frequently Asked Questions
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Description: A certified survey map (CSM) is a map that is generally used to create fewer than 5 lots. A CSM can also be used to merge two adjoining lots or modify adjoining lot lines.

Decision-maker(s): Plan Commission makes a recommendation and Village Board makes final decision.
Application fee:
  • Create 2 new lots: $200, plus any professional chargeback fees
  • Create 3 or more new lots: $350, plus any professional chargeback fees
  • Extraterritorial review: $200, plus any professional chargeback fees
  • Lot line adjustment: $200, plus any professional chargeback fees
  • Merge adjoining lots: $200, plus any professional chargeback fees
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In order for an application to be heard on a given meeting date, the application (including forms, fees, plans, reports, etc.) must be submitted AND deemed complete by Village staff on or before the corresponding submittal date. Because of that, you should submit your application before the submittal date. That way, we may be able to let you know if anything is missing and you'll have some time to perhaps get it done before the deadline.

Meeting dates and their corresponding submittal dates are subject to change.