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Description: Annexation is the process that transfers unincorporated territory from towns to a city or village. As set forth in state statutes, there are five different annexation methods. ​Of these, annexation by unanimous approval accounts for the vast majority of annexations statewide.
  1. Annexation by Unanimous Approval (s. 66.0217 (2) Wis. Stats.)
  2. Annexation by One-Half Approval (s. 66.0217 (3)(a) Wis. Stats.)
  3. Annexation by Referendum (s. 66.0217 (3)(b) Wis. Stats.)
  4. Annexation by City or Village Initiated Referendum (s. 66.0219 Wis. Stats.)
  5. Annexation of Town Islands (s. 66.0221 Wis. Stats.)
  6. Annexation of Territory Owned by a City or Village (s. 66.0223 Wis. Stats.)

Decision-maker(s): The Village Board makes the final decision
Application fee: There is no fee, but the applicant is responsible for all professional chargeback fees related to the review the application.
Application fee: There is no fee